'gluten free'

Genoese Pesto Ground Basil 350g
$13.29 each $3.80 per 100g
Gluten Free
Calbee Harvest Snaps Salt & Vinegar 93g
was $3.59 $3.30 each $3.86 per 100g
Gluten Free
Genoese Pesto Fresh Basil 100g
was $6.99 $6.50 each $6.99 per 100g
Free From Gluten Flour Standard Plain 750g
$4.00 each $0.53 per 100g
Venerdi Freedom Bagels Gluten Classic Sourdough 344g
$8.49 each
Penoli Pine Nuts 70gm
$10.99 each
Pavillion Gluten & Dairy Free Raspberry Slice 330g
Dairy Free
$7.20 each $2.18 per 100g
Burgen Bread Gluten & Dairy Free White 600g
$7.30 each $1.22 per 100g
Venerdi Bread Gluten & Dairy Free Paleo Almond & Linseed 550g
Dairy Free
$12.30 each $2.24 per 100g
Nature's Charm Young Green Jackfruit in brine 565gm
$2.70 each $0.48 per 100g
Gluten Free
Fogdog Gluten Shake & Bake 190g
was $8.00 $7.50 each $4.21 per 100g
Free From Gluten Banana Bread 400g
$4.50 each $1.13 per 100g
Vogel's Bread Gluten & Dairy Free 6 Seed 580g
$7.50 each $1.29 per 100g
Alexandra's Mexican Chilli Mild Ready To Cook 195g
$9.49 each
Good George Mixed Six Cider Favourites 6 Pack
$23.00 each $3.83 Each
Free From Gluten Cheese Rings 90g
$2.00 each $2.22 per 100g
Adventure Kitchen Chilli Jam 200g
$6.49 each
Genoese Chunky Pesto 135gm
$7.99 each
Rocket Angus Beef Patties x 6
$12.99 each $2.17 per 100g
Tio Pablo Tortilla Chips - Citrus Chilli 230gm
$5.29 each
Adventure Kitchen Dukkah NZ 100g
$6.49 each
Adventure Kitchen Persian Dukkah 100g
$6.49 each
Genoese Fresh Basil Pesto 200g
$10.49 each $5.24 per 100g
Jack Links Beef Stick Teriyaki 12g
$1.10 each
Nature's Charm Sriracha Jackfruit 200gm
$2.89 each
Spice Trader Ground Coriander 25g
$3.49 each $9.97 per 100g
Tio Pablo Green Jalapeno Corn Tortillas 12 pack
$6.99 each
Tio Pablo Salsa Vaquera 330g
$7.49 each $2.27 per 100g
Tio Pablo Spicy Tortilla Chips 230gm
$5.39 each
De Bron Sugar Free Cola Gums 100g
Sugar Free
$5.39 each
Venerdi Gluten & Dairy Free Organic Sourdough Bread Six Seed 600g
$8.50 each $1.42 per 100g
Free From Gluten Cheese Twist 90g
$2.00 each $2.22 per 100g
Free From Gluten Chocolate Brownie 400g
$4.50 each $1.13 per 100g
Free From Gluten Chocolate Cake 430g
$3.50 each $0.81 per 100g
Free From Gluten Flour Self Raising 750g
$4.00 each $0.53 per 100g
Free From Gluten Honey Almond Crunch 350g
$6.50 each $1.86 per 100g
Pavillion Gluten & Dairy Free Peppermint Slice 330g
$6.99 each
Gluten Free
Calbee Harvest Snaps Original Salted 93g
was $3.59 $3.30 each $3.86 per 100g
Genoese Pesto 200g
Dairy Free
$10.99 each $5.49 per 100g
Adventure Kitchen Dukkah Egyptian 100g
$6.49 each
Adventure Kitchen Relish Caramelised Onion 200g
$6.49 each
Adventure Kitchen Tunisian Dukkah 100g
$6.49 each
Aroha Sparkling Feijoa Fruit Drink 330ml
$3.79 each
Lime & Parmesan Dressing 245g pouch
$11.49 each
Nature's Charm Banana Blossom in Brine 510gm
$2.99 each
Pavillion Foods Slice Gluten & Dairy Free Belgium 330g
$6.70 each $2.03 per 100g
Pure Whey Protein Concentrate Salted Caramel & Honey 30gm
$3.49 each
Spice Trader Ground Mace 30g
$4.25 each $14.17 per 100g
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