'gluten free'

Macro Natural Almond Meal 400g
$9.00 each $2.25 per 100g
Dovedale Biscuit Giant Afghan Single 80g
$2.59 each
Tom & Luke Snackaballs Hemp Protein Peanut & Caramel 198g
$6.00 each $3.03 per 100g
Tonzu Vegan Sausages Sage & Onion 300g
$8.60 each $2.87 per 100g
Tio Pablo Mole Poblano 210g
$7.19 each
Yolo Spanish Figs Fruit Paste 140g
$4.99 each
Cowell's Pavlova 300g
$12.99 each
Tom & Luke Snackaballs Hemp Protein Triple Berry 198g
$7.99 each
Hellers Sausages Honey, Lamb, Rosemary 6 Pack
$12.00 each
Matakana Superfoods Dark Chocolate 45g
$4.49 each $9.98 per 100g
Baby Mum-Mum Rusks Vegetable Rice 36g
$2.99 each $8.31 per 100g
Hansells Soup Pouch Thai Pumpkin 400g
$3.69 each $0.92 per 100g
Annies Fruit Bar Apple & Boysenberry 30g
$1.90 each
Annies Fruit Bar Apple & Apricot 30g
$1.90 each
Annies Fruit Bar Apple & Raspberry 30g
$1.90 each
Annies Fruit Bar Apple & Strawberry 30g
$1.90 each
Farmland Bacon Bones
$9.50 per kg
Carob Kitchen Coconut Bar 80gm
$7.69 each $9.61 per 100g
Hansells Soup Pouch Chicken & Corn 400g
$3.69 each $0.92 per 100g
Hansells Soup Pouch Laksa 400g
$3.69 each $0.92 per 100g
Hansells Soup Pouch Mexican Chicken & Tomato 400g
$3.69 each $0.92 per 100g
Sabarot Le Puy green Lentils 500gm
$15.99 each
Farmland Streaky Bacon Family Pack 875gm
$21.99 each $2.51 per 100g
Matakana Coconut Sugar 1kg
$20.99 each
Belladotti Risotto Porcini Mushroom 250g
$6.15 each $2.46 per 100g
Locako Raw Cacao Creamer 300gm
$35.29 each
Hansells All Natural Pho Soup With Konjac Noodles 400g
$3.69 each $0.92 per 100g
Barkers Fruit Syrup Immunity Lemon, Honey, Ginger & Turmeric 710ml
was $10.00 $9.00 each $1.41 per 100ml
Delmaine Sauce Worcestershire 580g
was $4.09 $3.20 each $0.71 per 100g
Matakana Organic Cacao powder 250gm
$14.79 each $5.92 per 100g
Goulter's Apple Cider Vinegar 2L
Go Local
$18.99 each
Hansells Soup Pouch Green Curry With Konjac Noodles 400g
$3.69 each $0.92 per 100g
Kisu Mulled Apple Cider Mixer
$9.99 each $2.66 per 100ml
Tio Pablo Chocolate Azteca 200g
$8.69 each
Serious Popcorn Sea Salt 70g
was $3.99 $3.50 each $5.70 per 100g
Matakana Organic Stevia 100gm
$27.99 each
Serious Popcorn Sweet & Salty 80g
was $3.99 $3.50 each $4.99 per 100g
Garage Project Mixed Dirty Water 6 Pack
$19.99 each
Alexandras Dukkah Piquant 120g
$9.99 each $8.33 per 100g
Alexandras Dukkah Traditonal 120g
$9.99 each $8.33 per 100g
Matakana organic Cacao butter 200g
$15.99 each $7.99 per 100g
Aldersons SauceMorepork BBQ 375ml
$8.50 each $2.27 per 100ml
Pacific Harvest Irish Moss 25gm
$12.49 each
Tio Pablo Mexican Green Rice Mix 35gm
$1.99 each
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